Craftsmanship in Marble, Granite and Stone
Experience and competence

Technology and Equipment

For us at Euromarmi, marble is not just a simple decorative stone used to fulfil assorted architectural necessities, and so we have always retained a great deal of respect for this irreplaceable and fundamental product. We believe that marble should be used in a particular way for long-term, high-prestige projects.

For this purpose we invest a great deal in industrial technologies and cutting-edge machinery, which help control production costs and permit work according to the precise requirements of the order, drastically reducing wastage.

Our workshop staff is comprised of a qualified and professional team that works with care and dedication towards the realisation of perfect and unique products. Our technical team, equipped with CAD programming, plans and graphically executes clients’ requests, while the experts in the workshop supply the knowledge to give form to the drawings in a timely and precise fashion.

This synergy between the production unit, the workforce and quality control is fundamental to ensure products of remarkable craftsmanship.

Our artisans work to create unique and innovative products, understanding and offering solutions according to each new client’s requests, in order to meet and also exceed their expectations.

The technologies that we use play a fundamental part in giving form, quality and beauty to our creations, permitting us to obtain refined designs in marble, with incredible speed and exhilarating precision.

marble processing craftsmanship  marble and granite

Workmanship and finishing

The finishing specialists for works created in marble, granite and stone may consider themselves, quite rightly, to be not only expert artisans but real artists of their field, thanks to the exceptional results obtained and recognised as such also by our clients.

Production in marble, stone and granite, which forms the heart of Euromarmi s.r.l’s activities, requires experience and competence, as well as professionalism and attention to detail, and the level of quality which we offer is obtainable only through knowledge of the finest techniques in this sector and the deployment of innovative solutions.
At Euromarmi no production, even the most difficult and complicated, should be considered beyond our capability: we guarantee the best results whether in the details of the finishing or in the sculpting itself, and we dedicate the greatest care and attention to every detail: these, then, are our credentials.

We look after planning and production, and upon request, we can provide solutions for the most complex products and also for the assembly of finished products.

The Euromarmi laboratory is spread over an area of around 40,000m2, a very expansive area which is further divided into many different sub-areas of production; the Cutting Area, the Polishing Area, the Quality Control Area, the Preparation Area....

If today Euromarmi is a benchmark in the stonecutting sector, then this is only possible thanks to our work since 1982, for over thirty years, which has always been careful and precise, carried out with specialist and highly competent workers, and supported by investments in innovative machinery. This is work done with passion and tenacity.

Areas of work

marble cutting

Cutting Area

The cutting area is the zone in which the raw materials are worked according to a process of “cutting to size”.
Polishing marbles

Polishing Area

After cutting, products arrive in this area, where they are subject to further procedures (more specifically polishing and resin treatment).
 quality control of marbles

Quality Control Area

Materials are then deposited in the Quality Control area, before being checked, classified and selected for further processing.
floor assembly

Preparation Area

The preparation area is the site of pre-assembly and assembly of flooring and other (large-scale) projects; these are subject to analysis and checks, upon successfully passing these they may proceed to further steps in processing.
marble sculptures

Finishing Area

In the area dedicated to the finish, each artisan works in their own area, equipped for processing a specific type of product.
marbels Packaging

Packaging Area

This is the storage area, where the finished product is carefully checked and verified according to the rules of international certification. Packing is completed using materials that conform to the required EEC standards.

Our Machinery

  • CNC 6-axis Robot sculpture machine
  • Polisher for marble and granite
  • Shaping thread
  • Multi-purpose cross-cutting and milling machine
  • Bridge saw
  • Milling and sawing machine
  • Edge polisher
  • Vacuum booths
  • Single blade frame saw
  • Overhead crane
  • Bush hammer
  • Moulding machine and CNC 5-axis cutting center
  • Surface treatment machine and resinator
  • Pantographs
  • Sand blasting machine
  • CNC lathes
  • Waterjet
  • CNC column polisher lathes

The machinery of Euromarmi

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