Euromarmi Srl
Experts in crafting marble, stone and granite

What began as a small project, with few people ready to believe in its potential,

has grown to become a real entrepreneurial success story which is recognised around the world.

The excellence of its products, and the passion of a group of people 

who work together towards common goals of development and growth

have now become fundamental factors in the company’s success.

President of the Company

Dr. Angelo Stiuso

Euromarmi srl Salerno

Euromarmi srl
Stone Design

Euromarmi s.r.l, a sector-leading company in crafting marble, stone and granite, is situated in the comune of San Gregorio Magno (Salerno).

Founded in 1982, our company quickly became a notable successful story within the sector. Such an outcome, as we all know, can only be the result of determined and passionate effort, conducted with competence and professionalism, while committed to pursuing a measurably excellent production process, carried out with cutting-edge technological assistance, care and masterly artisanship.

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The Passion and commitment that we incorporate into our work, and the most advanced technology used for crafting our products.
staff euromarmi srl


Euromarmi presents its staff: a group of professionals bound together by their passion for their work.

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Euromarmi Srl
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