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Our story

Euromarmi, founded in 1982, became a successful enterprise in the marble industry within a few short years. During its first years of activity, the company was under the direction of Nicola Stiuso and his wife Angela.

The Stiusos, always motivated from the start, committed themselves to the success of the company, while also driven by the desire to rightly secure a productive, flourishing and active company for their children.

With work, stubborn determination and passion, the unflagging couple achieved noteworthy growth in company turnover within the span of a few short years. Construction companies within the public and private sectors turned to Euromarmi, with increasing frequency, seeking a small artisanal company offering quality craftsmanship.

Despite lacking sufficient equipment at the beginning, with great commitment, working sometimes day and night, they were always successful and timely in fulfilling every request made of them. It was in this way that the founding couple, with characteristic tenacity, were able to realise their dream of passing on a small but solid concern to their children, which was destined for rapid growth.

About us

Our company, Euromarmi s.r.l, born as a small artisanal project, is today a globally recognised entrepreneurial concern.

We have always been committed to offering products continually characterised by their quality. This is only possible through the fact that we develop and maintain relationships based on respect and trust, with consulting companies, designers, architects, clients and all of our stakeholders, and extending therefore to all of the staff of Euromarmi, its workers and all those of a professional capacity employed by the company.

We have focused everything on the production of quality products in marble, stone and granite, products of valuable and appreciated craftsmanship, and also to guarantee the very best thanks to investment in technology and cutting-edge solutions. This commitment to quality, defined in the mission of Euromarmi s.r.l., is demonstrated by the various degrees of certification obtained by the company, according to ISO international standards and IQNet (International Certification Network).

With the drive that our company and its ideas provide, along with with the attractiveness of our products and of our work, we want to continue to grow while ensuring punctual service and well-maintained craftsmanship in every detail.

Architecture and planning of the team

Within the Euromarmi company there is a team of architects whose professionalism, competence and precision enables them to conduct measurements on site, carry out unmatched shop drawings, follow the evolution of the contract, attend carefully to the   required prior to every shipment and manage its installation on site.

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