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"What had began as a small operation with just a few people believing in an idea has become a globally recognized enterprise with the excellence of products and the passion of people working in a common growth project, which all remains the major drive for our success as a Business."


Euromarmi's Laboratory covers an area of 40,000 m2 ca. and it is composed by several workmanship area.
Our investment in the state of machines and our skilled workers keep Euromarmi at the forefront of the Marble, Stone and Granite Industry.
Cutting Area
It is a zone in which raw materials are transformed through processes of cutting-to size.
Control Area
The material is deposited here, controlled and selected for further processing.
Finishing Area
Each skilled craftsman holds his own area equipped for the processing of a determined product in progress.
Polishing Area
It deals with a process of workmanship (grouting, polishing, resin treatment) practiced both on slabs and products from cutting area.
Preparation Area
This zone is equipped to realize the pre-montage of in-laid flooring or other big works in order to carry out the pertinent verifications and for the continuation of the manufacturing process.
Packaging Area
Storage area where the finished product is controlled under the rules of the international certification and the pallets are prepared with products tailored to the EEC standards for packaging.


Our team for Marble, Stone and Granite finishing, is comprised of highly skilled craftsmen, who year after year, continue to build on their experience in the realization of perfection of their craft that has a profound effect on our market and the beautification of the world, one project at a time. The processing of Marble, Stone, and Granite requires a thorough professionalism that is achieved only through knowledge of the best techniques; and through this, Euromarmi will find no project to be too difficult, may it be simple finishes or big sculptures with every detail given it the necessary care while our team is responsible not only for the design, processing and finishes, but also for assembly of the most complex execution.


Euromarmi doesn't think about marble only as being just a product to be applied to architecture.We embrace stone as an age old and respected material, and we apply this wisdom in its use with Euromarmi always willing to invest in new industrial technologies that will save on time, costs, and aid in the reduction of waste.At Euromarmi we employ state-of-the-art technology and equipment with our fabrication team composed of highly skilled and exceptionally dedicated craftsmen who are intent on delivering perfection, one piece at a time with a focus of taking your plans and drawings and meticulously transferring them to the marble, granite or natural stone slabs of choice. With the use of CAD (computer aided design) programs, our craftsmen produce a finished piece that replicates your exacting specifications with the backing of traditional craftsmen skills that are combined with state-of-the-art production and quality control that has become the pivotal of our success.Based on the feedback from clients, our stone craftsmen work hard to design products that are innovative, unique, and will exceed the expectations of the market with new technology playing a very important role in design production that presents beauty and continued quality with exacting precision and incredible speed.


Established in 1982, Euromarmi has soon become a successful company in the stone industry due to the company creators, Nicola Stiuso and his wife Angela. Although, they were not sure of the outcome of their newly formed company, they were motivated by their great willingness to endure and entrust their children with a new manufacturing reality. Due to the serious commitment of the two spouses, there was an increasing number of clients in a short amount of time with construction companies, public sector and private companies putting their different demands into their hands; and in spite of having only a flag saw machine and a polishing machine, they tried to meet any request that was made, even if they had to work all night to fulfil their goals. In time, this small company was able to realize their initial dream of continued growth and improvements so that they could place their company into the hands of their sons who were properly prepared for their responsibilities!


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Euromarmi s.r.l.
Area P.I.P. 84020 San Gregorio Magno - Salerno - Italia
centralino: +39 0828.955125 +39 0828.955224 +39 0828.956209
fax: +39 0828.753742
The International Certification Network ISO 9001 - 14001
Quality Management System


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